Boride powder

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  • Aluminum Boride Powder, AlB2

    Aluminum Boride Powder, AlB2

    Aluminum boride (AlB2) is a kind of binary compound formed by aluminum and boron.

    It is a gray red solid under normal temperature and pressure. It is stable in cold dilute  acid, and decomposed in hot hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. It is one of the two compounds of aluminum and boron.

  • Hafnium Boride Powder, HfB2

    Hafnium Boride Powder, HfB2

    with high melting point , high thermal conductivity , oxidation resistance another high-temperature comprehensive performance of the new ceramic materials , mainly used in ultra-high temperature ceramics , high-speed aircraft nose cone and aviation , aerospace and other fields

  • Silicon Boride Powder, SiB6

    Silicon Boride Powder, SiB6

    As P-type high-temperature thermoelectric materials to replace boroncarbide ,it  can be used as a variety of standard abrasive , grinding carbide . Also used as engineering ceramic materials , blasting nozzles , manufacturing gas blades and other profiled sintered parts and seals.

  • Manganese Boride Powder, MnB2

    Manganese Boride Powder, MnB2

    Can be used as a kind of anti-oxidation , anti-erosion and improve the thermal strength of boron additives , used as nuclear industry , military industry superconducting materials and other new materials

  • Magnesium Boride Powder, MgB2

    Magnesium Boride Powder, MgB2

    Magnesium diboride superconductor in the electrical , magnetic , heat and so has important applications . Super conducting magnets , power transmission lines and sensitive magnetic field detectors

  • Tantalum Boride Powder, TaB2

    Tantalum Boride Powder, TaB2

    Boride tantalum (TaB2) is a transition metal tantalum boride, belong to the six-party AlB2

    crystal structure, as the excellent ultra high temperature ceramics (UHTC) material,

    with high hardness and strength at high temperature, good heat resistance and oxidation

    resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good chemical stability

    and thermal shock resistance, good wear-resisting corrosion resistance and other


  • Iron Boride, FeB

    Iron Boride, FeB

    Iron boride, a newly discovered superhard and superconducting material, has been successfully synthesized in the laboratory by Gou And others from the University of Bayreut. It is the first superconductor to be designed by a computer and then made from the results of calculations.

  • Chromium Boride Powder, CrB2

    Chromium Boride Powder, CrB2

    corrosion-resistant , thermal shock . Used as a wear-resistant , anti-hightemperature oxidation coating and nuclear reactor in the neutron absorption coating electrode catalyst , fuel cell electrode electrode catalyst

  • Titanium Boride Powder, TiB2

    Titanium Boride Powder, TiB2

    used for conductive properties of hot-pressing ceramic products , temperature special parts , composite ceramic materials , made of PTC heating ceramic materials and flexible PTC materials , vacuum coating is the main raw material for the evaporation of the boat and aluminum electrolytic cell cathode coating material

  • Zirconium Boride Powder, ZrB2

    Zirconium Boride Powder, ZrB2

    can be used as aerospace high temperature materials , wear-resistantsmooth solid materials , cutting tools , thermocouple thermocouple protection andelectrolytic melting compounds of the electrode material . Particularly suitable foruse as a surface for rolling bearing ball

  • Nickel Boride Powder, Ni2B

    Nickel Boride Powder, Ni2B

    Nickel bonde was originally used as a catalyst for various reactions in ahydrogen atmosphere . It has been used as reactants and catalysts in manyreactions . The advantages of nickel bonde are mainly high hardness , goodcatalytic effect , chemical stability And high thermal stability , the liquid phasereaction has good selectivity and reactivity , can be non-precious metal hydrogenelectrode catalyst , fuel cell electrode electrode catalyst .

  • Calcium Boride Powder, CaB6

    Calcium Boride Powder, CaB6

    There are many compounds among B-CA, but the common and relatively stable one  is CaB6. Therefore, calcium boride mainly refers to calcium CaB6.

    The common structure of hexboron compounds is CsCl structure. The difference is  that B6 octahedron takes the place of Cs.

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