Carbide powder

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  • Vanadium Carbide Powder, VC

    Vanadium Carbide Powder, VC

    have good chemical stability and high temperature performance Used in hard film , target , welding materials , spraying , cutting tools , steel industry ,aerospace and other fields . As a metal ceramic and tungsten-based carbide alloy grain refinement agent , can significantly improve the alloy performance

  • Zirconium Carbide Powder, ZrC

    Zirconium Carbide Powder, ZrC

    used in the preparation of high-performance high-tech fields such ashigh-performance cemented carbide , aerospace , atomic energy , textileelectronics , coating , hard film and metallurgical automation . The new carbonomposite functional matenals can improve the high temperature corrosionresistance of its products , a high hardness of high melting matenals and excellenthigh temperature refractory matenals , rocket engine used as a solid propellantraw matenalsHaixin advantages : the use of pure metal smelting process , non-redox processlow impurities , low oxygen content

  • Hafnium Carbide Powder, HfC

    Hafnium Carbide Powder, HfC

    high surface activity , high temperature resistance , high oxidation resistance , high strength , high hardness , good thermal conductivity , good toughness , is an important high melting point , high strength and corrosion resistance of high temperature structural materials , and has a high efficiency absorption of visible light , Reflective infrared and energy storage and other characteristics of heat storage . Widely used in electronics , coating , spraying carbide , aerospace , atomic energy , hard film and metallurgical automation andother high-tech areas of key materials . Especially for rocket nozzles , can be used to return to the atmosphere of the universe rocket nose cone position

  • Tantalum carbide powder, TaC

    Tantalum carbide powder, TaC

    Theoretical density is 1.44, melting point is 3730-3830 ° C, coefficient of thermal expansion is 8.3×10-6, elastic modulus is 291GPa, coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.22j /cm·S· C.
    Features and USES
    Good chemical stability, insoluble in acids. Strong antioxidant capacity. TaC is usually synthesized from tantalum pentoxide and carbon black in an inert or reducing atmosphere to produce a copper powder.

  • Titanium Carbide Powder, TiC

    Titanium Carbide Powder, TiC

    Titanium carbide powder used in high temperature thermal spraying materials , welding materials , hard film materials , military aviation matenals carbide and cermet . As an additive for the production of thermistors , improve wear resistance

  • Niobium Carbide powder, NbC

    Niobium Carbide powder, NbC

    multi-phase ceramics are one of the raw materials of multi-phase ceramic materials . The multi-phase ceramic materials produced are often hig in hardness, high smelting point , excellent chemical stability and conductivity It is used in wear-resistant parts , cutting tools and electrodes

  • Aluminum Carbide Powder, Al4C3

    Aluminum Carbide Powder, Al4C3

    Used in metallurgy as catalyst and methane production.
    Aluminum carbide is often used as an additive to enhance the strength of three aluminum base materials (al-Si-ALC, al-AlTI-ALC). In addition, AlC is an important compound in the field of metal-aluminum industry technology.

  • Manganese Carbide Powder, Mn3C

    Manganese Carbide Powder, Mn3C

    Production of manganese hydroxide , hydrogen and hydrocarbons and powder metallurgy additives

  • Molybdenum Carbide Powder, Mo2C

    Molybdenum Carbide Powder, Mo2C

    high melting point , high hardness , IS an excellent anti-corrosion characteristics of the new functional materials , has been widely used in a variety of high temperature , abrasion and chemical corrosion and other fields . Has asimilar precious metal electronic structure and catalytic properties. Widely used in hydrogen-related reactions such as alkane isomerization , unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrogenation , hydrodesulfurization and denitrificationreactions for the super-hard tool materials , wear-resistant materials , heating materials and high-temperature structural materials