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  • Vanadium Powder, V

    Vanadium Powder, V

    Vanadium is a silver-gray metal . The melting point is 1890 + 10Cwhich is one of the rare metals with high melting point . It has a boiling point of 3380C , pure vanadium is hard , non-magnetic and malleable , but a small amount of impurities , especially nitrogen ,oxygen and hydrogen , can significantly reduce its plasticity .

  • Titanium Powder, Ti

    Titanium Powder, Ti

    The product is silver-grey irregular powder with large suction capacity and is flammable under high temperature or electric spark conditions.

    Application: Titanium powder is a kind of metal powder with wide application.

  • Metal Vanadium, Metal V

    Metal Vanadium, Metal V

    Vanadium: element symbol V, silver gray metal, in the periodic table belongs to VB group,atomic number 23, atomic weight 50.9414, BCC crystal, common valence is + 5, + 4, + 3, + 2. Vanadium has a high melting point and is often called refractory metal together with niobium, tantalum, tungsten and molybdenum. It is malleable, hard and non-magnetic.