Metal alloy powder

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  • Zirconium Aluminum Alloy, Zr-Al

    Zirconium Aluminum Alloy, Zr-Al

    General term for preparations or devices that effectively absorb certain gas molecules, used to obtain or maintain a vacuum, and to purify gases.
    Chinese name: zirconium aluminum alloy powder, zirconium aluminum 16 getter Don’t call it: A degassing agent
    Usage: Used to obtain and maintain a vacuum, etc

  • Zirconium iron alloy, Zr-Fe

    Zirconium iron alloy, Zr-Fe

    Zirconium iron is an iron alloy composed of zirconium and iron, silicon, aluminum and other elements. The zirconium iron used in steelmaking is zirconium ferrosilicon, containing Zr15% ~ 45%, Si30% ~ 65%. The product produced by aluminothermic method is called zirconium iron because it contains aluminum, containing Zr>15%.

  • Aluminum Cobalt alloy, Al-Co

    Aluminum Cobalt alloy, Al-Co

    Cobalt aluminum alloy
    CAS No. 11114-55-9
    The molecular weight of 85.9147
    Transport code of dangerous goods: UN3089

  • Aluminum Chromium Alloy, Al-Cr

    Aluminum Chromium Alloy, Al-Cr

    As a kind of high temperature and corrosion resistant material, aluminum chromium alloy powder CrAl is widely used in surface coating, metal coating and other fields of high temperature alloy, ceramics, etc.

  • Vanadium Aluminum Alloy, V-Al

    Vanadium Aluminum Alloy, V-Al

    Vanadium aluminum alloy is a kind of advanced alloy material widely used in aerospace field. Vanadium aluminum alloy is an intermediate alloy with a minimum melting point of 1600℃ (including V40%). It is mainly used as an element additive for titanium alloy, superalloy and some special alloys.

  • copper zirconium alloy powder, Zr-Cu

    copper zirconium alloy powder, Zr-Cu

    Zirconium – copper alloy is the best choice material for circuit contact because of its good conductivity and thermal conductivity. If the switch contact disconnects the circuit, the resulting arc puts a considerable load on the material, which is what high-temperature chromium does.

  • Zirconium Nickel Alloy, Zr-Ni

    Zirconium Nickel Alloy, Zr-Ni

    As a new type of hydrogen storage and combustion material, Zr30Ni70 alloy powder is second only to Zr powder and is widely used in military industry, mining and electronic products.Zr30Ni70 alloy powder as a new combustion material to replace Zr powder is the current development trend,

  • Aluminum titanium alloy, Al-Ti

    Aluminum titanium alloy, Al-Ti

    Titanium alloy is silver-white metal, which has many excellent properties. At 4.54g/cm3, titanium is 43% lighter than steel and slightly heavier than magnesium, the famed light metal. The mechanical strength is about the same as steel, twice as strong as aluminum and five times stronger than magnesium. Titanium is high temperature resistant, melting point 1942K, higher than gold nearly 1000K, higher than steel nearly 500K.

  • Tungsten-chromium alloy, W-Cr

    Tungsten-chromium alloy, W-Cr

    Chromium-tungsten alloy has low carbon content and low hardening, but after carburizing and quenching, surface hardness and thermal stability increase significantly, comprehensive mechanical properties are good, and higher impact toughness can be obtained. Cr – W  alloy has high sensitivity and poor wear resistance under abrasive wear conditions.