Molybdenum Carbide Powder, Mo2C

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Molybdenum Carbide Powder, Mo2C

high melting point , high hardness , IS an excellent anti-corrosion characteristics of the new functional materials , has been widely used in a variety of high temperature , abrasion and chemical corrosion and other fields . Has asimilar precious metal electronic structure and catalytic properties. Widely used in hydrogen-related reactions such as alkane isomerization , unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrogenation , hydrodesulfurization and denitrificationreactions for the super-hard tool materials , wear-resistant materials , heating materials and high-temperature structural materials

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Molybdenum Carbide

The chemical formula is Mo2C

The molecular weight is 107.95.

Melting point is 2692 ℃

Water soluble but insoluble in water

Outside view: grayish black to gray

Use: cutting tool, catalyst, etc

Molybdenum Carbide is a gray hexagonal crystal. It has high melting point and hardness, good thermal stability and mechanical stability and good corrosion resistance. The melting point is 2692℃. Insoluble in water and lye, slightly soluble in nitric acid, sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

Main catalytic reaction types of molybdenum carbide:

1. Hydrogenation;

2. HDS hydrodesulfurization and HDN denitrification reaction;

3. Isomerization reaction;

4. Hydrocarbon conversion and synthesis reaction;

5. Application in ammonia synthesis.

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