Nitride powder

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  • Hafnium Nitride Powder, HfN

    Hafnium Nitride Powder, HfN

    With high temperature , corrosion resistance , wear resistance , thermalshock , low density and high hardness of the outstanding performance of the newceramic materials , mainly used in high temperature , oxidation and aviation aerospace and other fields

  • Niobium Nitride powder, NbN

    Niobium Nitride powder, NbN

    Pale grey with yellow tint. Relative density 8.47I melting point 2300℃; Heat of formation -237.8kj /mol; Mohs hardness 8, micro hardness 14.3GPA; Resistivity 200U. Cm. Its superconducting transition critical temperature is 15.6 K.

  • Titanium Nitride Powder, TiN

    Titanium Nitride Powder, TiN

    used as powder conductive materials and decorative materials widely used in high temperature . wear and aerospace and other fields . The material has good conductivity , can be molten salt electrolysis electrodes and electrical contacts and other conductiveIs . Also used  as tine ceramic raw matenal powder , conductive materials

  • Tantalum Nitride powder, TaN

    Tantalum Nitride powder, TaN

    Tantalum Nitride is a black hexagonal crystal with a molecular formula of TaN and a molecular weight of 194.95.
    Relative density 13.4, melting point is 3090 ℃, microhardness is 1100 kg/was, thermal conductivity is 9.54 W/(m, K), the resistivity of 128 mu Ω · cm.

  • Calcium Nitride Powder, Ca3N2

    Calcium Nitride Powder, Ca3N2

    Calcium nitride, chemical formula Ca3N2, CAS: 12013-82-0, density: 2.670 g/cm3, appearance: red brown crystal
    Molar mass: 148.25 g·mol-1, melting point: 1195℃, water solubility: hydrolysis. Calcium nitride is very active and breaks down when it is in the air.

  • Magnesium Nitride Powder, Mg3N2

    Magnesium Nitride Powder, Mg3N2

    Preparation of high hardness , high thermal conductivity , corrosionresistance , wear resistance and high temperature of other elements of the nitrias a catalyst Additives for high strength steel smelting . Preparation of special ceramic materials . Manufacture of special alloy foaming agents Used in themanufacture of special glass . Catalyzed polymer crosslinksRecovery of nuclear waste . Catalysts for synthetic diamond synthesis and catalysmaterials for cubic boron nitride

  • Zirconium Nitride, ZrN

    Zirconium Nitride, ZrN

    used in the manufacture of hot-pressing crucible , refining aluminum,bismuth , cadmium , lead , tin and as a storage acid containers . Nano composite hard tool cemented carbide High temperature ceramic conductive materials , heat-resistant wear-resistant materials , dispersion strengthening materals , mainly used in hardware , building materials , sanitary ware and other daily metal parts above the application direction