Silicide powder

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  • Hafnium Silicide, HfSi2

    Hafnium Silicide, HfSi2

    Hafnium silicide is a kind of transition metal silicide, which is a kind of refractory intermetallic compound. Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, Hafnium silicide has been successfully applied in the fields of complementary metal oxide semiconductor devices, thin film coatings, bulk structure modules, electrothermal elements, thermoelectric materials and photovoltaic materials. The nano materials show special electrical, optical, magnetic and thermoelectric properties, and even have potential application value in the field of catalysis.

  • Molybdenum Silicide, MoSi2

    Molybdenum Silicide, MoSi2

    Molybdenum disilicide (Molybdenumdisilicide, MoSi2) is a kind of silicon molybdenum compounds, because the two atomic radius were similar, electronegativity close to, so it is similar to the nature of the metal and ceramic.

  • Copper Silicide, Cu5Si

    Copper Silicide, Cu5Si

    Cupric silicide (cu5si), also known as cupric silicide, is a binary silicon compound of copper, which is a metal intermetallic compound, which means that its properties are between ionic compounds and alloys. It has excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Copper silicide films can be used to passivate copper based chips, inhibit their diffusion and electron migration, and act as diffusion barriers.

  • Chromium Silicide, CrSi2

    Chromium Silicide, CrSi2

    Application of chromium disilicide in the preparation of ceramic materials by pyrolysis of Polycarbosilane as precursor Chromium disilicide powder can promote the cracking reaction of PCs,  increase the ceramic yield of the precursor, reduce the linear shrinkage of the  precursor in the pyrolysis process, and improve the properties of ceramic materials.

  • Zirconium silicide, ZrSi2

    Zirconium silicide, ZrSi2

    zirconium disilicate is mainly used in metal ceramics , high temperature oxidation resistant coatings , high temperature structural materials , aerospace and other field

  • Cobalt Silicide, CoSi2

    Cobalt Silicide, CoSi2

    The chemical formula CoSi2. The molecular weight is 115.11. Dark brown orthorhombic crystal. The melting point is 1277 ℃, and the relative density is 5.3. It can be oxidized at 1200 ℃ and erode its surface;

  • Tantalum Silicide powder, TaSi2

    Tantalum Silicide powder, TaSi2

    tantalum silicide has high melting point low resistivity , corrosion resistant , high temperature oxidation resistance and silicon , carbon matrix material has excellent properties such as good compatibility , as the grid material , integrated circuit connection lines , high temperature oxidation resistance coating , etc , in the electric heating element , the field of high temperature structure parts and electronic devices, and more research and application

  • Titanium Silicide powder, Ti5Si3

    Titanium Silicide powder, Ti5Si3

    Ti5Si3 has high melting point (2130℃), low density (4.65g/cm3) and excellent high temperature properties such as high temperature hardness, good high temperature stability and oxidation resistance, so it is expected to be used for high temperature structural materials above 1300℃.

  • Nickel Silicide, Ni2Si

    Nickel Silicide, Ni2Si

    Silicon (NiSi) is an austenitic (NiSi) alloy (1); it is used as the negative pole material of n-type thermocouple. Its thermoelectric stability is better than that of E, J and K type electric couple.Nickel silicon alloy should not be placed in sulfur-containing gas. Recently, it is listed as a type of thermocouple in international standard.

  • Manganese Silicide, MnSi

    Manganese Silicide, MnSi

    Soluble in hydrofluoric acid, alkali, insoluble in water, nitric acid, sulfuric acid.Manganese silicide is a kind of transition metal silicide, which is a kind of refractory intermetallic compound.

  • vanadium silicide, VSi2

    vanadium silicide, VSi2

    Metallic prismatic crystal. The relative density was 4.42. Insoluble in col water and Hot water, soluble in hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in ethanol, ether and  acid. Method: according to the match The ratio of vanadium pentoxide to silicon reacts at 1200 ℃, or will be in proportion to the metal Vanadium can be obtained  by reaction of vanadium with silicon at high temperature.

  • Magnesium Silicide, Mg2Si

    Magnesium Silicide, Mg2Si

    Mg2Si is the only stable compound of Mg Si binary system. It has the characteristics of high melting point, high hardness and high elastic modulus. It is a narrow band gap n-type semiconductor material. It has important application prospects in optoelectronic devices, electronic devices, energy devices, laser, semiconductor manufacturing, constant temperature control communication and other fields.

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